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February 11, 2007


Darrell Wells

Hi, John:

Nancy and I have missed your calm, reasoned editorials and comments. Seems like the background noise is getter shriller; not just in Odessa but elsewhere. Good to know you're still out there.



John, You are very much missed in Odessa, I am sure your mailbox will be filled with letters to that effect.. The paper is just not as enjoyable as it was, people get bored when you dont have diverse opinions about things,you always gave people something to consider,chew over and see that that are many ways of seeing something..sure your polictical views sometimes made me say..grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, what the heck is wrong with the man.. but you always printed the letters disagreeing with you as well as the ones that did..you are very missed..sure wish you would come back.this paper needs you..


After you left, we still had Molly...(sigh). On the bright side, my students at UTPB seem to be demonstrating more political awareness. The Young Dems Club is up and running. Students are volunteering to escort pregnant women past the anti-choice crowd at Planned Parenthood's clinic in Midland. And the ditto-heads don't go unchallenged when they spout their drivel in class anymore. I'm enjoying my work more and more!


With you and Molly both gone the OA is hardly worth reading. You are both sincerely missed. I have always thought the Odessa Chamber was a political forum for the Odessa Country Club and the Odessa American was it's Fox News. Oh well - that's life in Odessa.

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